Unusual Alarm Clocks!

I was woken this morning by an Irish Wolfhound’s song, which if you’ve never heard one is quite something.   It starts off woo, woo, woo and it ends up in a full blown Howooooooool, Howoooooool, Howooool.  Not quite sure of the spelling there!  Here is Seamus, by his empty bowl, he obviously considered it way past his breakfast time! Which indeed it was in doggie land, as he didn’t know the clocks were going forward!

Surely it’s breakfast time by now!


And on the subject of Woo, woo, woo – I used to have another dog, who did this too. My sweet little Lindy from Greece. She didn’t do it at unearthly hours in the morning though – Greek dogs are far more laid backs than Irish dogs 😉






If Lindy wanted something she had other methods.

She would just give you the look! She had enough looks to fill a calendar!








Oh no, a photo call again!




But it’s a far cry from how she looked when I first saw her on a beach in Rhodes!

Her story, The Dog with Nine Lives, is out in hardback. But yesterday, Lindy went electronic.  The Dog with Nine Lives is now available in Kindle.  I think she might have said, woo, hoo!

Now available in Kindle


The Dog with Nine Lives in kindle is available at a special introductory price of £1.99


And profits from this book go to my favourite dog charities.

I think Lindy would have been quite pleased.









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