Short Stories

Della has sold short stories and or features to the following UK magazines: Bella, Best, Candis, Grace Magazine, My Weekly, People’s Friend, Take A Break, That’s Life, The Lady, The Weekly News, Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Writers Forum, and Yours.

Some of her favourite stories, from the 1500 or so that have been published, are re-released as part of the Daily Della ebook series. Click here for more details.

Other Short Story Anthologies

Diamonds & Pearls
Accent Press, 2011
A sparkling collection of short story gems which includes contributions by Sophie King (The School Run), Jane Wenham-Jones (Wannabe A Writer?), Sue Moorcroft (All That Mularkey), Della Galton (How To Write and Sell Short Stories) and Lisa Main (In Fortune’s Footsteps). Read any women’s magazine and the well known names in this book are bound to be there. Women connected by fiction and their love of words who have joined together to support the awareness and treatment of breast cancer by the way they know best – the short story. A donation from the sale of each book will go to a cancer charity.

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