I Am A Best Selling Writer

I am a best selling writer.  And so is Lynn Hackles.  Here is the picture of us recording these words on film.


Lynne Hackles and I saying we are best selling writers!

No, we have not gone mad.  No, we have not just hit the best seller lists. And no I am not pregnant – just forgot to hold my stomach in! We were both attending a brilliant course at Caerleon Writers Holiday in Wales, run by a lady called Solange Hando called Make It Happen In 2012.  The course was about motivation and one of the exercises she asked us to do was to state out loud what we wanted to become, as if it was happening now.  You wouldn’t believe how motivating this was. Try it and see. And let me know how you got on.

Solange’s other tips included making an Olympic style chart listing five things we wanted to achieve and pinning it over your desk where you can see it every day and brainwash your subconscious into making it reality. Another creative visualisation task, which is very effective.  Here is mine:

Another of Solange’s tips was to publicly state your goals. It’s a lot harder to renege on goals that you have publicly declared you will do. So, I have just done this too – to you all. (That’s if you can read it!) But I know what it means, which is the main thing. Please feel free to nag me at intervals. And if you would like me to nag you too. Let me know.

The whole course was a delight. In fact, Caerleon was a delight.  The atmosphere was amazing. Anne and Gerry Hobbs are wonderful hosts. Being among a hundred plus writers for a week was incredibly inspiring. The food was awesome. I am heavier and happier for having spent a week at Caerleon, which is an annual writers’ holiday.http://www.writersholiday.net/caerleon.htm

Next year’s holiday is already in my diary. It will take place at Caerleon on 28 July to 2 August 2013 and will include the following courses:

A Complete Introduction to Contemporary Romance – Kate Walker

Creative Non Fiction – Adding Colour to Technical Writing – Simon Whaley

Wannabe A Writer We’ve Heard of – Jane Wenham Jones

How To Write and Sell Erotic Fiction – Della Galton

And there are others too. I really recommend this, all for a price of £499

Hope to see you there.

Della xxxx

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