Social Media to promote your books – does it work?

Write a blog, set up a Facebook page, get a website, Join Twitter, Join Linked-In, and all the other social media sites out there.  Get a public profile. Get a platform. This is what we are told we must do if we want to sell books.

Does it work? If we manage to fit all this in (whilst also writing the books in the first place) will we have lots of sales?

And more to the point what does doing all this stuff actually mean? Do we go on Facebook and Twitter and endlessly mention our books? (yawn!) What do you do when you see yet another new book on your Facebook timeline or your Twitter feed? Do you  instantly download it? Maybe if it’s free and looks good, you do. Or do you just move on to something more interesting?

My latest novel, Ice and a Slice (what do you think of the cover by the way?) is about to come out. Initially it will be released as an ebook in a week or so. I may tell you this again!

However, I am experimenting with different approaches to marketing. For instance, SJ, my main character, has her own Twitter account. Mornings or afternoons are best to talk to her as she’ll be sober then. But evenings might be quite good fun if you don’t want a serious conversation!

You’ll find her on Twitter as Sarah Jane in denial @SarahJaneCrosse

Please do go along and say hello.

SJ also has her own Facebook page at Ice and a Slice

I would love to know your thoughts on using social media creatively 🙂


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