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Writing Courses – are they worth it?

There are so many writing courses around these days. Universities run them, publishers run them, magazines run them. In fact every Tom, Dick and Harry (if you’ll excuse the cliche) runs writing courses. Even the smallest town has a literary … Continue reading

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Holidays for Writers – are they worth it?

I’ve recently been lucky enough to spend time at two well known writers’ Summer Schools.  The Writers’ Holiday at Fishguard (Pembrokeshire) and Swanwick the Writers’ Summer School (Derbyshire). So what can you do at a writers’ holiday? Apart from network and enjoy … Continue reading

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Keep on Learning

Today,  I am delighted to welcome my guest blogger and friend, the lovely Kath McGurl, owner and author of Womag. Kath is talking about writing classes. Kath has just written a fabulous little writing book called Ghost Stories and How … Continue reading

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The Dunford Novelists’ Conference

Gosh, it’s ages since I wrote a blog, and I have been meaning to tell you about the Dunford Novelists for a while. This is my all time favourite writing conference. Two reasons: one, it’s at the end of January … Continue reading

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Update on Swanwick Erotica

Now I have your attention, I am, of course, talking about my How to Write Erotica Course at Swanwick Writers Summer School – as opposed to any actual erotica taking place at Swanwick, which naturally I’m not aware of, and … Continue reading

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Swanwick The Writers’ Summer School 2012

And while I’m on the subject of brilliant writing conferences, here is another one. Swanwick Writers’ is in Derbyshire in beautiful surroundings. And if you fancy a week getting totally inspired and motivated and learning loads, not to mention partying … Continue reading

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I Am A Best Selling Writer

I am a best selling writer.  And so is Lynn Hackles.  Here is the picture of us recording these words on film.   No, we have not gone mad.  No, we have not just hit the best seller lists. And … Continue reading

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A Brilliant Weekend at Fishguard

Last weekend I taught for the first time at Fishguard in Pembrokeshire at one of Anne and Gerry Hobbs courses.  The hotel was beautiful, Victorian elegance, fab food, and a wonderful coastal setting. The course was called Write a Story … Continue reading

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Dunford Novelists

Just got back from Dunford Novelists’ conference which is held in Bournemouth in January. This is definitely my most favourite conference in the world. It’s a working one for novelists. From beginner to best selling authors we’re all in the … Continue reading

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Update on my favourite mug!

Hah! Have been in touch with the chairman of Swanwick, Xanthe Wells, well she is the secretary now, but she is just as lovely and she is going to send me another mug. So all will be well.  And I … Continue reading

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